FCC Norwalk Prayer



Our pastors and their families; our church family, our music, Beautiful Hills (SP), all our blessings (JW).  Praises for our new pianist (DS).  JoAnn is slowly progressing with some very good brain recovery signs (NM).  Isabell’s brother, Fidel, is feeling better (IA).


Let us keep in prayer those who are coping with cancer: Pastor Ron, Barbara, Judy Cronin, Toni, Chayo, Jamie, Eppy, Sharan, Eddie, Sara, Steve Austin, Dennis, Jay, Linwood, and Gerald (SH).  Health for the Porrino extended family; health also for the Tafarella extended family and for all our church families. Arlene Porrino is home (SP).  Travel mercies for all those traveling (DS).  Remember in prayer our shut-in’s: Darlene, John, Verna, Bonnie (SH).  Keep Verna Dawson, Dorothy Kuderman, Ruth Haro, Thelma Mytys, Stan and Frances Hirtle, David Lim, and Fran and Alex Romero in prayer, each with medical concerns (DS).  Vanesha, Val’s niece, is in ICU due to Lupus, kidney and heart failure (BH).  JoAnn Moore has a long way to go before she goes home (NM).  Joe Steffins and family are starting a new business in Colorado (KN).  Dr. Bradshaw, Linwood, Ola Mae Williams and  Audrey Miles are all suffering from cancer (BH).  Ruby Hardy, Bernard’s mother in Alabama, is having testing on a colon mass (BH).  Dave and Diana’s granddaughter, Bailey, is moving to Bakersfield (DS).  Bill Hubbard is in the veterans hospital; he had a heart attack (IA).  Autumn Werley has possible back problems (JH).  Good health for Irene Lemesma and for Roger Reyes (RR).

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Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18